The Pulitzer Hotel - Fairhope, Alabama

The Pulitzer Library:

I’m Mac Pulitzer. Upon his death 100 years ago my great-grandfather funded an endowment to found the Pulitzer Prizes as incentives to literary excellence. Now, a century after his death, I’m proud and honored to begin work on The Pulitzer Library in the lobby of The Pulitzer Hotel in Fairhope, Alabama. Located on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, Fairhope has harbored great writers since its founding in the late 1800’s; in fact, E.B. Gaston, the city’s founder and first leader, was a writer, publisher, contemporary and peer to my great-grandfather, Joseph Pulitzer.  

My vision for the library is to establish a collection of Pulitzer Prize-winning novels, plays and poems and supplement that collection with works by Pulitzer Prize nominees. I plan to pay specific honor to the considerable literary achievements of authors from Fairhope, the surrounding area and  the state of Alabama, and I aim to do so in an elegant, environment that will prove invaluable to Pulitzer Hotel guests, visitors to Fairhope and the local arts community. It’s in that interest that I plan to open The Pulitzer Library to private events such as weddings, charitable events and other social functions.

Creating such a collection for The Pulitzer Library is a Herculean challenge, so book donations are welcome. If you have a hard-bound Pulitzer Prize-winning or Pulitzer Prize-nominated book or a hardback book by one of Fairhope’s outstanding authors that you would like to donate to the Pulitzer Library, please contact me. Not only will your generous gift be a much-admired part of the collection, you’ll be included on a plaque in the library itself honoring you as a permanent part of the nation’s only dedicated Pulitzer Library.

Best Regards
Mac Pulitzer