The Pulitzer Hotel - Fairhope, Alabama

Greetings, and welcome to The Pulitzer Hotel. My name is Mac Pulitzer, and I look forward to meeting you in person at The Pulitzer Hotel upon completion in early 2012. Below is the body of a letter I sent to each Pulitzer Prize Board member and Pulitzer Prize Jury member announcing the hotel and Pulitzer Library.  It tells the story of why I choose Fairhope to locate the first Pulitzer Hotel and the nation’s first Pulitzer Library. 

I’ve a deep personal appreciation for the work done by all those involved with the administration of the prize my great-grandfather established and a great admiration for the winners and nominees of the Pulitzer Prize. I’d like to express that appreciation for the fine work done by all those who have in the last century made the Pulitzer Prize the most prestigious literary award in the world, in part, with this hotel. Though The Pulitzer Hotel and The Pulitzer Library are not endorsed in any way by the Pulitzer Prize organization, Pulitzer is my life, my name and my history, and I am proud of my great heritage and looking forward to honoring and sharing it with the citizens of Fairhope, Ala., and the guests at The Pulitzer Hotel.

I anticipate you’ll fall in love with The Pulitzer Hotel. I’m dedicated to making it elegant and inviting in every way. My dream is that those from Fairhope and beyond will prize The Pulitzer as an iconic downtown focal point and a place for public and private gatherings rich in Southern hospitality and charm.

As you browse the site discovering The Pulitzer Hotel, Fairhope and it’s association with a host of exceptional authors, I hope you’ll visit “Properties For Sale at The Pulitzer.” Only a few select spaces remain for sale, and most will come with a long-term tenant and full management already in place. If you’re a selective owner who’d like to be a part of this exciting development, I’d invite you to contact me personally.

Thanks for enjoying our website, and enjoy your stay.

Dear Board Member-

It was a pleasure meeting you last year during the Pulitzer Prize award ceremony. Though it was my first, I left it looking forward to attending many more ceremonies. I’m proud of my great-grandfather, Joseph Pulitzer, and awed by his accomplishments. I’d like to personally thank you for your service on the Board and for keeping the dreams and goals of my great grandfather vibrant.

I’m contacting you to tell you about my new venture, one that gives me an opportunity to pay homage to the wonderful Pulitzer family history. I’ve begun work on The Pulitzer Hotel in beautiful downtown Fairhope, Alabama. I’m not asking, nor do I expect any endorsement from the board. I’m making contact with the board and jury members out of a deep respect for the Pulitzer Prize and for the organization, and I wanted you to be the first to know of this exciting venture for Fairhope, the nation, and my family.

My wife, Kourtney, and her family are from Fairhope, and we have traveled there many times. I’m enamored with its natural beauty and small-town charm, but I’m most intrigued by the exceptional literary history of this quaint South Alabama town.

During its history Fairhope has been called home by literary legends including Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Upton Sinclair and Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize-nominee Fannie Flagg, and several New York Times best-selling authors including Winston Groom, W.E.B. Griffin, Andy Andrews, and singer-songwriter and author Jimmy Buffett. Many acclaimed authors including Sonny Brewer, Watt Key, Tom Corcoran, and others reside there currently. Even more impressive is that these great authors are from Fairhope and the surrounding area and not a metropolitan area like Houston or Atlanta. This alone makes Fairhope a perfect fit for the first Pulitzer Hotel.

Obviously, Fairhope is a special place, and I consider it one of the greatest secrets in the nation. It is my desire to showcase this exceptional town and its remarkable literary history to the world, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to do so.

The hotel will be a twenty-room luxury boutique, and it will center on The Pulitzer Library located in its lobby, an institution I’ll create to honor my great-grandfather, the Pulitzer family history and the origination of Pulitzer Prize itself. Further, the library also will pay tribute to my mother, best-selling author Roxanne Pulitzer, and famous Alabama authors such as Pulitzer Prize-winner Harper Lee and her childhood best friend, Truman Capote.

This venture is a joint project with Fairhope resident and developer Mike Bernhardt, whose Founders Square, a property located in the heart of downtown Fairhope, will be the location for the hotel. Enclosed is a proposed press release that we will be sending media representatives in the near future. Also, please visit our website at <>. Your support, both personal and professional, would be greatly appreciated.
We plan to begin construction in a few months, and completion is scheduled for early 2012. At that time we hope to welcome you and your family to our establishment and the beautiful town of Fairhope.

Best regards,

Mac Pulitzer